Process Solutions

Understand Your Needs

  • Provide recommendations to optimize the performance of your automation assets.
  • Evaluate older equipment that are more susceptible for failure.
  • Setting performance baselines for continuous improvement.
  • Perform an installed base evaluation to use as a foundation for your migration plan.

What, if any, is the best current migration program.  

Packages migrations can help with your planning and execution. We have a wide range of experience on Rockwell Automation and non-Rockwell Automation equipment and can create custom migration packages/approaches for your individual needs.

Create a Plan

  • Target areas offering the greatest Return on Investment
  • Schedule based on your planned downtime
  • Sequence to reduce overall project time
  • Define and highlight successes

Execute the Plan

  • A Wide variety of programs/services are available:
  • Design, Project Management, Programming, Installation, Commissioning/Start-up


Performance assessments can be used to measure your success based on the defined metrics in your plan. These tools can also be used to plan and evaluate your future migration needs.


Explore Our Interactive PlantPax DCS Tool

We’re here to help navigate how the modern DCS can help you.

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The Modern DCS

Optimize your process and protect your assets with our experts and partners using modern distributed control technology and reduce risk, time and cost by automating a batch control system.


Advance your process control using modern distributed control technology.

Integrate Technology


Reduce the risk, time, and cost by automating a batch control system.

Automate Your System


Model predictive control technology to meet profitability goals.

Maximize Production


Safety instrumented systems to protect your people, assets, and the environment

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